Saturday, August 8, 2009

Our First Wedding Anniversary

Happy One Year Babe!! 8/8/2008

I Love you 27.

Friday, August 7, 2009


OKAY.... so its been forever since we posted a blog... so much has been going on and than I lost my camera. But since we are packing.. FOUND IT :) (well gabe did) lol I would like to sorry to all our family and friends for not being on top of this lol but I promise to do my best for now on. Since i missed that last 4 months... quick recap

After Gabes Birthday Cigi, Jas and Elissa came up to our house to celebrate Elissa 2nd birthday. I made a Elmo cake for her and we had a great time celebrating with a messy cake :)

Then came April.
We had my brother Joey, 13 and Gabe's brother Coco, 14 up for spring break. We had tons of fun with them. He is a Video I found to sum it up lol

Than came May May 22nd- Went down to C.A. to watch my beautiful twin sister graduate from CSFullerton with a bachelors in English. Congrats Brookie. In the fall she will be starting her credential program and soon be a teacher....which she is going to be amazing at. Ill watch your class brookie if you need help

Joey and Gabe
Flowers for Brookie

Also in May, My sister and I celebrated our 22nd Birthday. Is it me or do the years seem to fly by now?? lol I had a great birthday, wish I could be family and friends but Gabe did a wonderful job of making me feel special and YUMMY birthday dinner from Juj and Ani at the Cheesecake Factory.

Yummy White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake

May went and than came June...July and August 2009

Over these past months, a lot has happen. But basically its been crazzzzy because ..
its soo hot and

Your never know until the keys are in your hands but we should be moving this month to our new home. Yes we are still going to be in Vegas but a little further out in North Las Vegas. As soon as we know anything we will let everybody know details and a new address and yes there will be a party :) Love ya guys. Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their summer.

P.S. We will be back in C.A. August 21st for my Aunts Sharon and Uncle David's 25th wedding anniversary party. See ya all soon

-The Verons
August 2009