Friday, December 5, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Yay!! for family. We had such a great time with gabes side of the family in Utah. We were so grateful for having a couple days off of work and just enjoying them with the family. Thanks to everyone to made it a great memory. Juj and Ani, thanks you so much for letting us hitch a ride with you guys. Your the best!!! Uncle Ron and Aunt Stacy... thank you for the lovely dinner and a place to sleep full of laughs. Jas and cigi, thanks for letting us spend the night and the family pictures were a great idea. i cant wait to see how they turned out. Thanks for the wonderful game night... found out some cool stuff and some things i didn't want to know lol jk. Johnny and Conny, Thank you for the dinner on the way home. we loved driving home with a full tummy. Love you all :)

p.s. GIRLS.....i better see more of you on the football field next year :)

To my side... i missed u guys so much. Cant wait to see you for Christmas!!

Family Pictures:

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Ani said...

Yeah! Family pictures! Thank you so much Lacey for taking the time to post all of these pictures on your blog! It probably took you a long time but I sure do appreciate it! I already have them saved to my computer... YEAH! Your blog background looks really cute too by the way!

Love you girlie!