Thursday, February 26, 2009

Birthday Fever!!!

Its March and we have a lot of birthdays coming up.

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy birthday. We love you all.

My Hubby- March 4th, 22nd... wow we are getting old

Nicko- March 5th, The BIG 10!! welcome to two digits nick

Elissa- March 8th, 2nd... wow she is getting so big :)

Grandmama- March 12th,... Just as beautiful as ever

Uncle Carl- March 12th, 29th... Also just as beautiful as ever lol

JuJ- March 15th, 24th... Have a fun time at Disney Land

Paul- March 18th, 12th... One more year to the teens

Ashley- March 18th, 20th... One more year 'til VEGAS

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