Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Trip to Utah

This past weekend was a true turns of ups and downs.

On Friday night, 2 /13/2009

We left for Utah for Jessy and Bostons wedding. We packed up the car at about 9:30 pm with the wedding cake and all and started toward Utah. As we stop to get food, i soon notice my tooth was acting up again. Its been doing this for about 2 years now and i just learned to deal with since i am too scared to go get a root canal. In the past after a couple of hours, it always seems to go away. Not this time........We soon notice that we would be driving though a snow storm. What is usually a 3 and half hour drive turned move into a 7 hour drive.

Finally arriving at Uncle Ron's and Aunt Stacy's at 6:30 am. Gabe and CoCo laid down to get a couple of hours of sleep in before we had to leave for the wedding.. but for some reason my tooth was not getting better,.... but worse.. i couldnt sleep so i just got up and talked with the boys for a little bit before getting ready to leave. We were on our way to the wedding with a quick stop in Provo to drop off the cake and step it up. Little did i know that cake took a little bit of a fall on its way. So what was suppose to take about a half hour turned into a hour and a half very fast. Gabe and Coco were great helpers as we got the cake up and running.

I changed and we were out the door on the way to
SaltLake to the Temple to see the newlyweds. Here
they are coming out of the Temple
Mr. &Mrs. Boston Blake

After we went to a wonderful lunch for the newlyweds that was held in the Joseph Smith Building. A couple hours later we were off to the Reception in Provo where the cake was already set up and waiting lol. Meanwhile i was still in pain having no idea what we going to do... i just keep taking advil to keep the pain to a minamal. We had a great time at the recpetion, dance the night away and had cake and a wonderful chocolate fontain that i was sad and didnt get to eat any because of my tooth. We said goodbye to the newlyweds and were off to uncle Ron's. BUT.... the pain got worst and worst and it wasnt going away ... so i looked to my wonderful husband and said .. .i think we have to go... we got all our things together and i went in the car and waited for him. right before we were leaving juj and ani showed up and said that she could get us some medicane. i was so greatful and still am. it helped me get though the rest of the weekend. On the way home we were both very tired so we stoped at beaver... i know scary right and got a room to rest and started back again in the morning.. made it st. george and felt so much better. Gabe later told me that he had a room set up for us at the casion and had a wonderful relaxing time there all of sunday and went home monday. i dont think i have ever slept so much. Monday gabe came home early from work and we went into the denist together. my poor tooth was done for. they did the root canal but since the pain was so bad they had to close up and do the rest of it in a week. so i am sitting here with my tooth almost all better and very greatful for all the people who were so supporting and caring for me this weekend. i love you all so much. and thanks to my hubby as he sat in the room while they did the root canal. I am so grateful for him. i love u more than you will ever know...... 27. I hope you all have a great day. thank you for reading my LONG blog lol. :)

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