Tuesday, September 1, 2009

House Hunting

As many of you know, Gabe and I have been looking to buy our first home in Las Vegas for a couple months now. When you think of buying house, you think it would be exciting, a dream come true. Although it has been all these things, it has always been the most stressful thing in a long time. A new adventure for sure.Being Newlyweds, it has made our marriage stronger :) Our first offer we made was a weird experience. Gabe fell in the love with the house right away with the lovely pool and all, While i was trying not to get too attached. We wanted to be aggressive and get the house and since the house was under priced, we made a offer of 25000 more than asking price. After a couple days went by and we didn't hear anything, long story made short their reality was very shady and looking to make even more money and lied about accepting our offer so we just moved on and hoped for the best.If it was meant to be it would have. After weeks of looking we found this WONDERFUL neighborhood. When driving to the house i thought there was no way we could afford a house in this area. It really is a dream to raise a family in this community with a wonderful park in the middle of all the houses. We walked in the house and i fall in love!!! lol I walked out and was like Gabe.. that is the one. He was like lets think about it. I just had to have it and of course being the wonderful husband he is.. we went to our Realtor office and signed papers!! Which it began in June and our lease ending in August we THOUGHT (key word)we would have plenty of time to close. We were wrong when our closing date of August 28th came and went lol. Being a short sale this house has truly been a major roller coaster for us. We have put all we and have more into getting this house. I am so proud of Gabe and all his hard work. It really is a huge blessing being 22 Newlywed couple buying our dream house. I just want to Thank him and say sorry that things have been tough lately but i am so grateful that he is by my side to fight this battle with. Love you baby 27. Anyways back to the house, We are all packed and we should be moving this weekend or next.. lol its always a waiting game. but as soon as we move i will post lots of pictures. of course we want a House Warming Party!! We will be planning that as soon as we get all settled in. I want to thank all our family and friends for all the love and support. It means the world to us. The steps of Life.. Marriage.. House... Whats next,Kids?? lol We are working on it ;)

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jujoo said...

im still moving in.