Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Offically Our New Home!!!

We are happy to say, We are home. lol. After the longest 4 months of our lives, we are finally here. We are so grateful for all our WONDERFUL love and support from our family and friends. They really helped us though this whole process still alive. We will be having a party soon :), we will keep you updated on details!! Love you all.

p.s. Sorry the house is still messy as we are still unpacking lol.


Jessica and Boston said...

How fun you guys! I'm so glad you're "HOME"!! Woo hoo, it looks very cozy! Good for you guys! Love you!
~Jess and Boston

Anonymous said...

yea!! i finally get to see it! you are both so lucky and so good and hard working and getting what you should have...i love both of you so much! mom