Monday, November 2, 2009

House Improvements!!

Well its been about a month in our new house and we are on our way to making this house our home!!

We painted some walls:
Our pink guest room in now a dark blue,Gabe's Choice :) He wants to make it our game room.
Also we painted a wall in our front room and our dinning room a pretty blue!!
We still want to paint our room. I love paint because it is a really easy touch that changes things to be our style

We also started working on our back yard. We still have a lot of work to but its looking a lot better. We are trying to make it dog friendly since we are getting our dog Sparkey soon. (My parents have 3 doggies and the older dog Pudge has been fighting with Sparkey because he likes to have fun and is bugging Pudge. So my mom called me and asked if we love to add Sparkey to our little family! He is a great doggie so Gabe and I said Yes!! We are excited for him to join us soon!

We also got our First house warming gift from my Parents. Our new couch which we LOVE!! Thanks Mom and Dad :)

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Jessica and Boston said...

Wow you guys! I am really impressed at you home improvement skills! Way to go it looks BEAUTIFUL!! I wish i could go next week SOOOO bad.... but I have important training on Fri an Sat for sure, and even though we haven't gotten our schedule yet, probably Mon and Tues for sure... URGHhh!!! I want to see everyone :(